Haters gonna hate.

But you can stop harassment from
escalating to hacking.

What is online harassment?

Online harassment can take the form of stalking, physical threats, defamation, identity theft, impersonation, trolling, exposing sensitive personal information, and (very unfortunately) more

1 in 3 Americans
report experiencing severe online hate or harassment, including sexual harassment, stalking, and physical threats

32% are targeted
due to sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnicity, gender identity or disability

63% of LGBTQ* people
have been harassed online

What is online harassment?
Security key

What is personal digital safety?

Personal digital safety is a set of practices and behaviors to prevent online harassment from escalating to harm and interference with daily life. It's an ongoing process that includes password management, authentication strategies, timely support, access to legal resources, and more.

20% who report harassment
say they feared negative impacts on their professional lives

50%+ of stalking victims
lose 5 or more days from work

The professional is personal.

Online harassment is not just in the headlines; it’s everywhere.

Data breaches

It’s not just “nice.” It’s the business.

Without the proper safeguards in place, your teams don’t know what could happen when malicious trolls target them. Threats, slander, and other vicious messages (sometimes hundreds) can make them:

Extremely distracted and anxious.

More likely to miss work.

Less likely to step up, speak out, and bring their best to work.

Lose faith in your business and their own abilities.


With the benefit of Tall Poppy, they know what will happen: nothing. And that means everything for your business.

Everybody’s business is vulnerable.

Even if you don’t sell, publish, or build anything online, your information—and your employees’—is out there and exploitable. Adding personal digital safeguards increases your “herd immunity”: The more people who are resistant to threats, the safer the whole organization is.

Data wholesalers
2FA Accounts

Are you experiencing online harassment?

We know how hard this is. Talk to us about it so we can help you introduce the subject and safeguards to your boss. Please also see our anti-harassment and set resources now.

9 months or more
How long a campaign of harassment can last

15% of those harassed online
Move house, change their commute, or avoid places to protect themselves

We can do something about it. We can do plenty.

“Anyone can be a victim of online harassment. When I ran Reddit, I called @hypatiadotca when our employees were being doxed and targeted. Recently she and @lgdean founded @tallpoppy to help all companies keep their employees safe.”

—Ellen K. Pao, Project Include Co-Founder, former Reddit CEO

Add online harassment safeguards to your Employee Assistance Program.

Let your people know they’re not alone—and they have options. See whom you should cover.

“Tall Poppy smartly leverages best practices, technology, and the power of the target's employer to mitigate threats and help targets live their online and offline lives fully, with increased peace of mind.”

—Inner Loop Capital, Principal Justin Label

Tools to help people combat/defend against online trolls

“Many will wish to know about @tallpoppyio: providing tools to help people combat/defend against online trolls and orcs etc. @hypatiadotca

Margaret Atwood

The expert on responding to online security+privacy incidents

@hypatiadotca is *the* expert on responding to online security+privacy incidents and I think it's so cool that she's built this whole company around scaling this expertise and making it available to everyone. 🤩

—Akita Software, Jean Yang, Founder & CEO

We want to provide our team with all of the resources possible.

Given that the line between work and life can sometimes blur together, and how you’re feeling in your life outside of work can definitely affect you inside of work…we want to provide our team with all of the resources possible to ensure that they can work effectively and productively.

—Tall Poppy Customer, Quoted in Fast Company

Tall Poppy showed us a handful of ways to opt-out.

We were quite surprised by how easy it was to get a hold of our personal information, especially those of us who have more unique names...and Tall Poppy showed us a handful of ways to opt-out of having your personal data stored within these platforms, like the ‘people search‘ kind of [services].

—Tall Poppy Customer, Quoted in Fast Company

Help your tall poppies thrive

Tall poppies—people who stand out in their field—tend to get cut down.

Anyone who attracts attention for their work or opinions is at risk of being targeted, harassed, and hacked online. Often (but not always) the targets are women, LGBTQ+ people, and ethnic and religious minorities in:

Tech industries

Content creation


Online communities (e.g., moderators)

Customer-facing roles

Photos of Tall Poppy employees

Our product: software + support

Have some of your employees experienced online harassment?

We can give them what they need to regain their well-being and do their best work.

Wondering what threat level exists for your team?

We begin risk assessment of online harassment in our first engagement with you.

Think your business is too small or too large?

We've got you covered: Safeguard from 1 to 1,000+ employees.

"We're starting with employers, because new kinds of work expose employees to new kinds of risk—and employers owe it to their employees to protect them from workplace risks."—From our blog

Want to know what’s in the box?

With our software and app, your employees learn what online security means for them, choose their safeguards, and initiate them.

Security awareness training

Step-by-step guidance to set up safeguards

Incident response and compassionate care


Follow-up support

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