Personal digital safety for everyone at work.

Safeguard your employees online with our app. It’s easier than you think.

You’d never leave your data unprotected—extending online safeguards to your people is the natural next step. But corporate security measures often overlook personal digital safety.

We make it easy for you to cover anywhere from 1-1,000+ employees with:

Threat assessment

Incident response

Software, app, and training

Ongoing support & personal digital safety management

What is online harassment?
Security key

Online digital safety management platform

The Tall Poppy app helps your employees take control of their personal digital safety. With our encouraging and accessible format, they will be able to:

Take steps to protect yourself from online harassment

Prioritize security tasks based

Set up the tools in our recommended toolbox

Enable two-factor authentication (2FA) online accounts

Secure their social media and email accounts

Remove their information from data brokers

Use security keys

Track progress according to their safety score

Receive reminders to update safeguarding activity

Personal digital safety reinforces diversity and inclusion (D&I).

Women, LGBTQ+ people, and ethnic and religious minorities are disproportionately targeted by online harassment. Helping employees safeguard themselves online shows you’re serious about D&I—and can improve hiring and retention.

Password manager

How it works

Demo and discussion

Let us show you what we do and determine how our offering fits your organization’s need for personal digital security. Contact us to get started!

Data breaches

Threat assessment

We can conduct a threat assessment either before or after software and training implementation.

Incident response

Our experienced incident responders will help you make smart decisions and respond to harmful interactions. We will:

Prioritize security precautions and actions to take

Coordinate with your security employees

Provide compassionate crisis response for the affected people, including personal guidance through account recovery processes

Assess the risk of specific harassing or threatening messages

Prepare employees to work effectively with law enforcement when appropriate

Assist with takedowns of personal information through DMCA or Terms of Service requests with hosting providers

Provide appropriate referrals to other support professionals

Data wholesalers
Personalized checklist

Anti-harassment training

Our customizable anti-harassment training gives your employees high-level information about online harassment, including what information is sensitive and how to minimize exposure of it. We know that being able to live and work online is part of the reality of many roles, and our training goes beyond the usual do’s and don’t’s. We also provide hands-on instruction and Q&A for the Tall Poppy app. We deliver the training in person or via videoconference.

Concierge service plan

Let us do the legwork for busy executive teams and highly visible staff. For each employee, we’ll complete the data broker opt-outs, set up a password manager, and provide 1:1 support.

Password Manager

Details and Pricing

Why you need us.

The outstanding incident response.

Traditional incident response

Burdens internal HR and security teams

Means pulling someone off a project

Leaves employees to their own devices

Ignores the mental health impact on employees

Tall Poppy incident response

Puts no strain on your internal staff

Give you support on call, at a moment’s notice

Guides you and your employees through the processes

Provides compassionate care for employees

1) The time savings.

Addressing incidents and teaching employees online personal security practices takes time and frequent follow-up. With Tall Poppy, you won’t have to steal time and attention from core responsibilities to safeguard your employees’ personal safety.

2) The risk reduction.

Internal response to personal digital safety incidents is not only time-consuming, it’s inadequate, leaving employees at risk. Self-education is also risky, because so much widely available personal digital safety information is inaccurate.

3) The support to succeed.

Other solutions fall short in their scope, mental health understanding, and accessibility. Our expert incident responders have “been there,” so your employees have a trusted source to ask questions and rely on for support. Also, our program encourages employees to stay on track as they implement new security practices with personal guidance and incentives like the safety score.

Close the corporate security gap.